Volume & Issue: Volume 29, Issue 2, March 2023 

Original Article

Evaluation of Different Methods of Treatment of Pilonidal Sinus; a Randomized Controlled Trial

Pages 395-403

Yousef Mohmmed Abdallah; Hatem Mohamad Abdel Moneim; Samir Ibrahim; Ahmed K. El-Taher; Mohamed Abdallah Zaitoun

Vitamin D Assessment in Diabetic patients with Peripheral Neuropathy

Pages 411-416

Nashwa Abo Farrag Sadek; Mohamed Hamdy Assy; Ahmed A. Zaghlol; Mohamed Gaber Hamed

Role of CT coronary Angiography in Delineating the anatomic variations of the coronary arteries.

Pages 479-484

Sara Abdel Latif; Samar mohamad shehata; Ibrahim Abdelaziz Lebda; Khaled Mohamed El Gerby

Outcome of Pregnancy and Impact on Kidney Function Among Renal Transplant Recipients; a retrospective study.

Pages 496-504

Ahmed Hisham Alkot; Mohamed Mohamed Sakr; Samir Mohamed Sally; Mahmoud Hosny Zahran

Value of Using Interbody Fusion Technique in Recurrent Lumbar Disc Hernia Patients

Pages 512-518

Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud; Tarek Abdelsamad Elhewala; Amr Mohamed El-Adawy; Mohamed Abdallah Elsofy


Pages 559-565

Arwa Magdi Ragab; Mahmoud Elsaid Alebiary; Wael Mahmoud Elsayed; Mohammed Hanafy Aly Ghonemy

Evaluation of acitretin versus oral isotretinoin in the treatment of common warts

Pages 417-424

nehad abd elhakeem mohamed; Ahmad Abd Elgwad Nofal; elsayed mohammed khater

Evaluation of Metabolic Disorders in Pediatric Department at Zagazig University Hospital

Pages 442-447

Esraa Elsayyad; Mohamed Refaat Beshir; Ahmed Mohammed Abdel Moniem

Trans-oral versus trans-cervical submandibular gland removal in benign submandibular gland swelling patients

Pages 448-455

Hala Soliman; Mohamed Abdel azim Mohamed; Ahmed Mohammed El Hady; Mohammad Waheed El-Anwar

Outcomes of two different chemical modalities in management of post traumatic clotted hemothorax

Pages 519-524

mahmoud mohamed abdrabo; Mamdouh Elsharawy; nezar hosny elnahal


Evaluations of Femoral Diaphyseal Fracture Treated by Flexible Nail versus Plate Fixation in Children: Meta-analysis study

Pages 448-458

Ahmad Ganem; Adel Mohamed Salama; Tarek Abdelsamad Elhewala; Mohammed Khalid Saleh

Original Article

Cementless Total Hip Arthroplasty in Steroid induced Osteonecrosis of Femoral head.

Pages 459-463

Mohamed Ibrahim Hefni; El-Sayed El-Etewy Soudy; reda Hussein Al-Kady; ehab mohamed shehata

Review Articles

Postoperative Management of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension After Surgical Closure of Hypertensive Ventricular Septal Defect in Pediatrics

Pages 464-468

Moataz E Rezk; Ibrahim M Kasab; Basem Mofreh abdelgawad; Mohammed A Saleh; Eman G Abdelrahman; Mahmoud A Elshafie

Original Article

Lymphoid enhancer binding factor-1 (LEF1): as a prognostic factor in patients with Chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Pages 469-478

Abdullah Mohamad Abd el hameed; mervat azab; Ahmad Mohamed Baraka; Shereen Elshorbagy

Safety and Feasibility of Laparoscopic Splenectomy in Patients with Blunt Splenic Injury

Pages 582-586

Ahmed Khamis Raghebi; Emad Mohammed Salah; Ashraf Goda Farag; Tamer Mohamed Elshahidy

Review Articles

Congenital Hydrocephalus: A review of Pathophysiology, Risk Factors, Genetics, Clinical Picture and Associated Congenital Anomalies

Pages 587-591

yosra Aboel-Azm; Reham Helmy Abdel-Kareem; Ahmed Salem Saber; Hala Mahmoud Ahmed

Illicit Drugs and Alcohol: Driving Performance

Pages 592-600

Enas Elsayed Ali Ali Elbawwab; Esraa Ahmed Khalil Mohammed Ebrahim; Ahmed Hossam Hamed Hassan; Hussein Mohammed Hussein Dawoud; Mena Maged George Hemaia; Yehia Nabil Abdalla Hellmy; Dalia Ibrahim Ahmed Mesallam

Original Article

Surgical Outcome Post Early Thoracoscopic Surgery for clotted Traumatic Hemothorax versus thoracotomy

Pages 601-611

Ayman Shaalan; Ahmed M abdelazim; Eman E El Wakeel; Yusra Ahmed Elkamail

Impact of Prognostic Nutritional Index and Systemic Immune-Inflammation Index on the Clinical Outcome of Patients with Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma Treated with Sorafenib

Pages 650-663

Ahmad Barakat Waley; Rasha Haggag; Amir Abd-elhameed Ahmed Barakat; Hanaa Ahmed Rashied; Ahmed Abdul-Saboor; Marwa Mohammed Esawy; Yasser Orban; Adel Bakry

Imipramine treatment is associated with impaired liver function in mice

Pages 612-619

Bashir Ayad; Oraet RM; Erfaida YO; Abukhattala M

Role of kidney biopsy in diagnosis of different patterns of kidney diseases: A Single-Center Experience

Pages 679-689

ayman riyadh abd El-hameed; Tarek A Ghonimi; Sameh A. Soliman; Islam A. Elsayed

Short term follow-up of clinical outcome of patients with heart failure and associated hepatitis C virus infection

Pages 626-637

Mahmoud Mahmoud Elrayes; Ahmed Abdelhady; ensaf elnady; Eman Elsayed Elsafty

Lower three lumbar intervertebral foramina measurements of adult Egyptians in relation to age and sex using Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Pages 690-696

Eman S. El-shetry; Nahed Mohamed Elwan; heba A E mohamad; Mohammad Ezzat Elsayed; amal Al-Shahat Ibrahim

Ewing Sarcoma outcome of 60 cases: Single institution experience

Pages 697-711

نبیلة حفظی; MOHAMED W HEGAZY; mohamed moinullah rizwanullah

The Relation Between 25-dihydroxycholecalciferol, iron status and The Deteriorated Cognitive Function in Dementia patients

Pages 720-727

Wesam Reda Ashour; Nanees Fouad El-Malkey; Emad Latif Agban; Walid Reda Ashour; Tamer Sabry Sadek El-Serafy