Volume & Issue: Volume 27, Issue 6, November 2021, Pages 1017-1639 

Original Article

Association of Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR) (C677T) gene polymorphism with Breast Cancer in Egyptian women.

Pages 1549-1557

Raghda mohamed kadry Hassanein; Ebtehag Helmy Hassan; Hanaa Hosny Elsaid; Mohamed Ibrahim Abdelhamid

Clinical and pathological characteristics of breast giant fibroadenoma among young females

Pages 1025-1031

Alaa Mohammed Khalil; Ramdan Mahmoud Mohammed; Loay .M Gertallah; Momen Abd El Hakeim Ayad

The Impact of Nitazoxanide Loaded on Solid Lipid Nanoparticles on Experimental Trichinellosis

Pages 1074-1084

Mohsen Mostafa Hassan; Eman Mostafa Abd El-Rahman; Enas Fakhry Abd El-Hamed; Ashraf Sabry Abdel Fattah; Ola A. Harb; Samar Abd El Nabi Mohamed; Mohamed Hassan Sarhan

Role of 1.5T MRI in evaluation of degree of placenta previa

Pages 1017-1024

Heba F. Tantawy; khaled elgerby; Ahmed Mohammad Alaa

Role of dexamethazone on cervical ripening and induction of labor in term pregnancy

Pages 1518-1523

Tarek Ahmad Saleh Zaher; Mahmoud Ahmed Gharib; Amal Abdelaziz El Saied; Abdelaziz Ibrahim Amin

Changes in Ovarian Reserve Parameters after Myomectomy in Women at Reproductive Age

Pages 1558-1567

Abdalla Elsayed Diab; Mohamed ELsayed Mohamed; Basem Mohamed Hamed; mohamed saeed

Comparison Between Coronary Calcium Score by Computed Tomography and Myocardial Perfusion Imaging as Indicators to Significance of Coronary Artery Disease

Pages 1510-1517

Mahmoud Fawzi Meladh; Mohamed Ibrahem Al Awadi; nader talat kandil; Mohamed safwat Abdeldayem; Ahmed Magdy

Bone Graft Alone Versus Cage with Bone Graft in Lumbar Spine Interbody Fusion.

Pages 1494-1502

husien mohammed elaswed; Tarek Hassan Abdelbary; Hosni Hassan salma; Mohamed Medhat Arnaout

Facial skin rejuvenation and quality improvement using nanofat graft

Pages 1032-1037

Mohamed Salah Awad; ahmed mohamed aly; mohamed ali nasr; Mohamed Abdelmageed

The Outcome Of Loop Versus Devine's Colostomies In Management Of High Anorectal Malformations

Pages 1068-1073

mahmoud abozayd alalaqi; khaled Safwat Mohamed; Alaal mohamed Khalil; ahmed ezzat rozik


Pages 1503-1509

Mohammed Abd El Mohsen Sherif; ahmed mostafa elfiky; riad mansour megahed; Mohamed Saeed ElAttar

Retrospective Study Comparing Two Palliative Hypofraction Radiotherapy Protocols to Advanced Breast Cancer

Pages 1541-1548

Ola Mohamed Hadary; Abd El Motaleb Ibrahim; Shaimaa Farouk Abdelhai; Maher Edarous

Uric Acid may predict post cardiac surgery renal function in patients with or without chronic kidney disease

Pages 1619-1629

Alsayed Alnahal; Mohamed I. Alanwer; Sameh Soliman; Mohamed Maher Allam; Amir Abdelsayed

Surgical treatment of subclavian artery aneurysms

Pages 1582-1591

Amr Mohamed Salem; Mohamed Salem; sherif Mohamed Salem; Sameh Moustafa

Chest Computed Tomographic Imaging Findings and Clinical Criteria of COVID-19 in Zagazig University Hospitals, Egypt

Pages 1608-1618

Maha E. Alsadik; Doaa Mostafa Gad; Ahmed AbdulSaboor; Ahmed Awad Bessar; Rehab Hosny El-Sokkary

Video assisted mediastinoscopy for diagnosis and staging of lung cancer

Pages 1599-1607

dina mohamed osman; Mohamed mamdoh Elsharawy; mahmoud mohamed abdrabo

Circulatory level of IL-6 and INF-γ in Sudanese leprosy patients

Pages 1568-1574

Hassan Gumaa Hamid; Amar Babikir Elhussein; Omar Elteyb Fadlelseed; Mohammed Helmi Shalayel; Aamir Hamzza; Soad Mohammed Alfadol