Volume & Issue: Volume 28, Issue 6.2, November 2022 (supplement 2) 
The Effect of Restoration of Lumbar Spine Lordosis During Fixation on Clinical Outcome of Patients

Pages 1-7

abdurhman mohamed albriki; adel saad Ismaeil; mansour abdeimagid makia; Mohamed Ahmed Samir

Ki 67 Expression in Molecular Sub types of Breast Cancer in Patients of Zagazig University Hospitals

Pages 8-17

Magdy Ismail Abdel Rehim; Anan Fathi; nelly Mohamed said; Moamer Faraj Kday

Effect of Different Components of Metabolic Syndrome on Right Ventricular Volume and Function

Pages 27-34

Abdosalam annefatee attaleb; Mahmoud Diaa El-Menshawy; Mohammad Mostafa AL-Daydamony; Ahmed Said El-damanhory

Serum Levels of E-selectin and P-selectin In Alopecia Areata: A Case Control Study

Pages 28-34

Heba ELSayed Ismail; amr nazir saadawi; ahmed said abdel shafy; Hanan Sameer

Assessment of Galectin-3 Levels in Psoriasis Vulgaris

Pages 35-39

Sukina Abdalla Alhabib; Mohamed Hamed Khater; Fathia Khattab; Kamal Ahmad Elkshishy

Asessment Of Serum Angiopoietin_2 Level In Patients With Psoriasis Vulgaris

Pages 45-49

Shimaa Elsayed Azooz; Abd allah Hasan Kandil; Nermin Raafat Abd elfatth; Abd allah Mohammed Esawy

Allogeneic injectable Platelet Rich Plasma improves neurotization index in a rat model

Pages 50-57

Mustafa Muhammed Mustafa; raafat abd ellatif anani; Ahmed Mohamed Aly; Mohamed Ibrahim Abdelhamid mansy

The Role of Systemic Itraconazole in Management of Allergic Fungal Rhinosinusitis

Pages 66-73

Ans Younis Mahfouz El-Ghadafi; Abdul Zaher El-Sayed Tantawy; Ismail Elnashar; Abdraof Said

Safety and efficacy of intracameral injection of dexamethasone and moxifloxacin at the end of cataract surgery

Pages 74-80

Hany Abdalhafiz Albialy; Mostafa Mohammed Wagih; Doaa Mohammed Gouda; ashraf mahrous Eid

Serum Periostin as A diagnostic and Prognostic Marker in Bronchial Asthma either Atopic or Infection Induced

Pages 98-104

Mohamed Ahmed khalil; Dina mohamed shokry; Sanaa Mahamoud Abd-Elsalam; Hanaa Abd Elmoti Elsayed

Safety and efficacy of Tension Free Mesh Repair of Bilateral Inguinal Hernia on The Testicular Functions

Pages 105-110

Mahmoud Abdel Ghany Abdel Rahman; Wesam Mohammad Amr; Wael Salah Eldin Mansy; Hazem Nour Abdellatif

Cardiovascular Changes in Children with Acute Lower Respiratory Tract Infections in Zagazig University Hospitals

Pages 111-117

Mashhiya Ramadan Jarallah; Eman Mahmoud Elmoghazy; Saed Mohamed Morsy; Nagwa Mohamed Shawky

Computed Tomography Angiography Spot Sign as a Predictor of Hematoma Expansion and Outcome in Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Pages 125-131

Wael Ibrahim; EL Hady Ahmed Abdel Gawad; Amal Salah Eldin ELmotayam; El Sayed H Zidan; Wael Elsayed Mahmoud


Pages 132-138

Hesham Ahmed; Mohamed Mahmoud Riad; Mostafa Mohamed Khairy; Osama Hasan Gharib

Doppler Ultrasound Assessment In Women With Threatened Abortion

Pages 145-151

Youssef Aboelwan; walid abd allah abd elsalam; basem mohamed hamed; zahraa mohamed

Turmeric extract based therapy for psoriasis

Pages 164-170

Samia Ibrahim; Amin Amer; Kamal Ahmed ElKashishy; Diana Sami; Hagar Nofal; Ahmed Abdellatif

Nitric Oxide (NO), Xanthine Oxidase (XOD) and Malonylaldehyde (MAD) in children with seizures

Pages 171-177

Mohamed Ragab Abdellatif; Alaa Zeidan Ibrahim; Mohamed Ahmed Arafa; Amal Saeid Abdelazeim

Early Diagnosis and Treatment of N-Methyl D-Aspartate Receptor Autoimmune Encephalitis in Children

Pages 185-191

Ali Faraj Ali Nassr; Rabab Mohammed El-Behedy; Haidy Essam Zidan; Ahmed Hosny Mohammed

Value of Endocan as a Novel Marker of Neonatal Sepsis

Pages 192-197

rabab farag mohamed; osama taha; sanaa mahmoud; Hannan ahmed samir

Outcome of Gamma Nail Fixation in Unstable Trochanteric Fracture of Femur

Pages 198-204

alaa Ahmed El-Negahy; Amro Mohamed Eladawy; Tarek Abdel-Samad El-Hewalaand; abdullah milad Herik

Role of Carboxymethyl Cellulose versus Vinyl Gloved Merocel Packing in Surgical Outcome of Chronic Rhinosinusitis

Pages 205-211

Maisoun Abdelmeged Mohamad Gabbasa; ezzat merwad; Magdy Bdear Albaramawy; Mohamed Ahmad Abdelhady

Diagnostic value of TLC,CRP and S.Bilirubin in suspected cases of acute appendicitis

Pages 212-217

Mohamed Salah Dobaa; Abd El Rahman Hassan Sadek; islam mohamed ibrahim; Mostafa Mohamed Khairy

Arthroscopic Debridement Versus Platelet Rich Plasma Injection in Treatment of Moderate knee Osteoarthritis.

Pages 224-230

Yousef Mohamed El Shahat Abo El Fadl; Riad Mansour Megahed; Mohammed Abdel Fattah; Mohamed Hazem Nasef

Assessment of Ovarian function after Cesarean Hysterectomy at Zagazig University Hospitals

Pages 241-245

Rahma Abdelwahab Ibrahim; Amal Abdelaziz Nouh; Amr AbdalMohsen Elnemr; Walid Mohamed El-Nagar

Podocyte-associated messenger ribonucleic acids profile in urine of patients with idiopathic nephrotic syndrome and lupus nephritis.

Pages 246-252

ANAS HASSAN HASSAN; Amir Mohammed Elokely; EMAM Abd Ellatif Waked; Mohamed Abbas Shemis; Sameh Abdel azeem Soliman

Correlation between Strength of Estrogen Receptor positivity and Outcome of Adjuvant Tamoxifen Therapy in Breast Cancer Patients

Pages 303-310

Mohamed Khalifa; Nasr mohamed Allahloubi; Salem Eid Salem; Mohamed ghareeb mahmoud; Abdelrahman Nabawy Zekri

Anatomical Variation of Lacrimal Sac Fossa and Bony Nasolacrimal Duct among Adult Egyptians: Dry Bone and Radiological Study

Pages 400-411

Fayza Abdel Raouf Abdel Gawad; Rasha Abdel Khalek Attia; Reham Farouk Elazab; Bahaa Eldin Ali Khaled; Doaa Mahmoud Shuaib